The Ideal Refrigerant

In 1928, John B. Rathbun was the chief Engineer of Utilities Engineering Institute, 3120 N. Clark St., Chicago, Illinois. As an aid to technicians  servicing refrigeration equipment in the budding refrigeration industry, the Institute developed a home study training course. As part of that course, Rathbun listed 15 necessary [...]


The Origin of the Heat Pump Suction Accumulator

“But an accumulator is not a magic cure-all for every system refrigerant problem. On a field installed system, the selection procedure at best is a somewhat haphazard process which may not always achieve its desired effects.” So stated John Grim of Copeland. Grim John made this statement in 1975 [...]


The Inventor of Fast Food

Was this the man who invented fast food? Louis A.M. Phelan perhaps deserves this distinction or blame for beginning the era of the fast food industry through his invention of the broaster process and by franchising the Zesto Drive-Inns which utilized the Zesto Freeze machines also invented by him. [...]