Refrigeration History

The Hi-Re-Li System

In 1966 while muscle cars still roamed the highways, Jim Harnish, an Engineer at Westinghouse, was working on ways to improve the efficiency of air conditioning and increase the operating range of heat pumps so they could be utilized in colder climates. Also at the time, large computing systems [...]


The St. Louis Motor Valve Company

In this accompanying ad from the April 10, 1944 issue of the Refrigeration News, the Sporlan Company is touting their new thermostatic valves with selective charges for post war projects. Starting as the St. Louis Motor Valve Company in 1925, Herman Spoehrer and Harold Lange were true pioneers of the [...]


Guns and Butter – Brunner Manufacturing

  In 1944, when Refrigeration Research began, refrigeration manufacturers were preoccupied with the World War yet looking forward with hope for peace in the future. While committing completely to the war effort, the refrigeration industry hoped to find useful applications that would also provide for a better life in peace [...]