Condensers – Water Cooled – Shell and Coil

Condensers – Water Cooled – Shell and Coil

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These redesigned water cooled condenser-receivers are processed to insure cleanliness and reliability. Water circulates through a special finned copper coil. Capacities are conservatively rated.

The receivers are designed with refrigerant rotalock connections. This gives the installer the ability to rotate the position of the fittings on the receiver as he needs for installation. The receiver comes with a rotalock valve with a 3/8” sweat connection. Also included is an angle adapter with 3/8” SAE flare connection. However, when ordering the condenser, if a different valve or adapter is needed, they may be exchanged for a different one as shown in the chart on the data tab.

All condenser-receivers are complete with our “Leek Pruf”® fusible plug and welded mounting brackets. All are pressure tested and UL listed for reliability and all are powder coated for corrosion protection.

The charts and diagrams below show dimensions and specifications.

Condensers - Water Cooled - Shell and Coil Data