Capillary Assemblies – Strainer-Drier

Capillary Assemblies – Strainer-Drier

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These Capillary Strainer-Drier Assemblies containing XH-11 molecular sieves are intended for use on the high side. Adequate desiccant capacity has been provided and a fine mesh outlet basket type strainer protects the capillary tube against plugging.

DRIERCapillary Strainer-Drier Assemblies are graduated according to the same uniform pattern as the Capillary Strainer-Assemblies on the following page. The numbers differ only in that an extra “0” has been added between the two groups of indicating numbers. Individual metal tag positively identifies bore of capillary.

Drier inlet fitting is 1/4 SAE female and capillary outlet is provided with a 1/4 SAE male fitting. 3/8 SAE fittings available on special order.


Capillary Assemblies - Strainer-Drier Data