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This original discharge muffler development by Refrigeration Research permits “tuning” the muffler to the system.

For the first time it is possible to change muffler characteristics without installing a different muffler or even breaking into the system. In fact the muffler may be adjusted without losing charge and while the system is in operation.

The adjustable muffler is provided with a stem which may be turned to “tune” the muffler to the system. It is a well known fact that two systems made up of the same components do not always sound the same when installed in different locations. One may be noisy while the other is relatively quiet. Individual compressor characteristics, length and diameters of lines and other factors may make the difference.

The Bull Dog Adjustable Muffler by Refrigeration Research provides a variable range of muffler characteristics so that the best performance with a particular system can be attained.

Contact our engineering department for use with R 410A refrigerant.

Mufflers -Discharge - Adjustable Data

Mufflers -Discharge - Adjustable Data