Pointing the Way with New Ideas

We strive to improve quality and reduce costs through engineering and manufacturing advancements. Refrigeration Research is nimble and flexible enough to cater to your special needs. While bigger companies might shy away from small lot sizes, we’re happy to complete custom orders of any size.

You can rely on our experienced engineering team to ensure fit and function. We provide prototypes for your approval before production and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.

What can we make for you?


Depend on the original, time-tested suction accumulators designed and manufactured by Refrigeration Research for quality, performance and reliability. Our suction accumulators feature:

  1. Exclusive (patented) inlet deflector for improved operation. Deflector permits tangential entry of fluid.
  2. Marking of inlet with a metal plate is an exclusive element that helps prevents errors in hook up.
  3. All Refrigeration Research suction accumulators of 4” – 6” diameter have fusible plugs included and installed to comply with latest UL requirements.
  4. Copper nipples are standard on vertical UL and UI models.
  5. Controlled hydrogen copper brazing process provides the ultimate in cleanliness and uniform strength.
  6. All Refrigeration Research suction accumulators are UL and UI listed or built to ASME code (CE documentation is also available)

Refrigeration Research suction accumulators have been field proven in hundreds of thousands of installations! For a complete selection and specifications, see OUR LINE OF SUCTION ACCUMULATORS.

Suction Accumulator Commercial Product Image


Development of the Heat Exchanger-Suction Accumulator as a refrigeration component by Refrigeration Research has resulted in practical new design possibilities in refrigeration systems. To meet a growing need, Refrigeration Research provides a Cataloged Heat Exchanger-Suction Accumulator to correspond to each of our most popular suction accumulators – and designed to do the complete job!

  • All heat exchanger-suction accumulators feature “Leak Pruf” fusible plugs installed complying with the latest UL and Ul requirements, except those built with ASME code. The Leak Pruf plug has a male flare connect to a female flare on the receiver or accumulator. A soft copper gasket which comes attached and oiled eliminates the need for pipe compound, resulting in a permanent leak-tight connection.
  • Copper nipples are standard on vertical UL and UI models. Steel nipples are standard on accumulators built to ASME code.
  • Steel nipples are available on vertical UL and UI models on special order.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with our No Sweat-No Frost Accumulator

The “no sweat – no frost” Heat Exchanger Suction Accumulator prevents frost and condensation and protects from corrosion and water damage. With innovative system design, it can also serve as a receiver, as well as a heat exchanger, thereby saving space.

These heat-exchanger-suction accumulators benefit a system in four ways:

  1. Protects the compressor from refrigerator floodback.
  2. Subcools the liquid refrigerant for greater system efficiency.
  3. Stops condensation and frost from forming through unique design.
  4. Saves space by combining the suction accumulator, and heat exchanger all in one component to provide a more compact design.

For a complete selection and specifications, see OUR SUCTION ACCUMULATOR – HEAT EXCHANGER COMBINATIONS.

Heat Exchangers - Desuperheating Image


Reduce vibration and noise with one of our Discharge Mufflers. Refrigeration Research has been a leading manufacturer of mufflers in production quantities and offers the industry’s most complete line, including the popular and exclusive Adjustable Muffler.

With the Adjustable Muffler, it’s possible to change muffler characteristics without installing a different muffler or even breaking into the system. The muffler can be adjusted without losing charge and while the system is in operation!

Need something extra tough? Our higher-pressure Bull Dog Discharge Mufflers are uniquely designed for the demanding requirements for systems using R-410A.

All our mufflers feature hydrogen copper brazed steel construction, insuring maximum strength and complete cleanliness.

For a complete selection and specifications, see OUR DISCHARGE MUFFLERS.


For excellent durability and the flexibility to fit a variety of applications as either replacement parts or for original equipment, rely on Refrigeration Research receivers (with or without valves), which feature:

  • Hydrogen brazed construction for superior internal cleanliness
  • 100% pressure treated to ensure integrity
  • Powder coated for excellent corrosion resistance

At Refrigeration Research, we’ve been making Receivers for over 50 years, and are proud to say they are widely used by original equipment manufacturers in the industry. Our Receivers are backed by a reputation for quality and service.

While we offer a complete line of standard models, including Higher Pressure Bull Dog Receivers, Refrigeration Research also manufactures hundreds of special models. Contact our engineering department for custom designs.

For a complete selection and specifications, see OUR LINE OF RECEIVERS.

Receivers - Conventional Image 1


What do you need?

Refrigeration Research offers a wide range of high-quality components, including:

  • Accumulators
  • Accumulator Driers
  • Capillary Assemblies
  • Chillers
  • Condensers
  • Driers – with In-Depth Filtration
  • Fusible Plugs
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Manifolds
  • Mufflers
  • Oil Reservoirs
  • Oil Separators
  • Receivers
  • Sight Glasses
  • Strainers – The Industry’s Most Complete Line!
  • Suction Accumulators
  • Special O.E.M. parts

For a complete line-up of products, see OUR ONLINE CATALOG, or contact us directly at  (810) 227-1151.

Condensers - Water Cooled - Shell and Coil Product Image