Suction Accumulator – Heat Exchanger Combinations

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Designed to do the Complete Job!

Makes practical new design possibilities in refrigeration systems.

Development of the Heat Exchanger–Suction Accumulator as a refrigeration component by Refrigeration Research has resulted in new and practical designs and design possibilities in refrigeration systems.

As the result of the rapidly growing need, Refrigeration Research provides a Cataloged Heat Exchanger–Suction Accumulator to correspond to each of our most popular suction accumulators. The Heat Exchanger–Suction Accumulator combinations bear the same part number as the corresponding suction accumulators except that the letters HX have been added to indicate the presence of the heat exchanger coil. Other models are available on special order.

All Heat Exchanger–Suction Accumulators are complete with fusible plugs installed complying with latest  and  requirements, except those built to ASME code. CE documentation available upon request.

Copper nipples are standard on vertical  and  models. Steel nipples are standard on accumulators built to ASME code.

Steel nipples are available on vertical  and  models on special order.

Suction Accumulator Heat Exchanger Data