Suction Accumulators – No Sweat No Frost

Suction Accumulators – No Sweat No Frost

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The “No Sweat” – “No Frost” Heat Exchanger Suction Accumulator PREVENTS frost and condensation and PROTECTS from corrosion and water damage. With innovative system design it can also serve as a receiver as well as a heat exchanger, thereby saving additional space. These heat exchanger – suction accumulators benefit a system in four ways:

  1. Protects the compressor from refrigerant floodback
  2. Subcools the liquid refrigerant for greater system efficiency
  3. Stops condensation and frost from forming through unique design
  4. Saves space by combining the suction accumulator, and heat exchanger all in one component to provide a more compact design.

Accumulator does not sweat or frost. Therefore cost of insulating accumulator is eliminated. Greater heat exchange surface improves efficiency.

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