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The Big Dog receiver-drier combines the Bull Dog receiver with the Bull Dog driers, both rated for 500 psi, into one component to save space and eliminate brazing joints. Eliminating brazing joints reduces the source of potential leaks in a system and decreases introduction of debris from brazing. The hydrogen copper brazed steel construction provides maximum strength and interior cleanliness.

The Big Dog receiver-drier comes standard with a sight glass, the only standard model available anywhere with this feature. The moisture indicating ring in the sight glass provides important feedback for both the liquid level and the system moisture.

The entire receiver can be isolated from the system by rotalock valves and easily replaced or removed for maintenance. The flow through drier portion provides twice as much drier capacity as standard model driers for greater moisture absorption and a longer life cycle.

The captivated loose fill desiccant provides greater area for maximum drying effectiveness and the receiver-drier is suitable for bi-flow when mounted in the horizontal position for flexibility of application.

Receivers - Receiver Driers - Big Dog Data

Receivers - Receiver Driers - Big Dog Data