Driers – Universal – Deluxe

Driers – Universal – Deluxe

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Catalog NO. 2933

Made of three pieces of copper. Provides features of the BIG R plus additional tubing sizes.

For 5/16, 1/4 or 3/16 O.D. tubing cut the connector attached to the drier at the correct place as indicated in the photo above.

For a 3/8 I.D. simply unsolder and remove the adapter from the drier. This will allow 3/8 O.D. tube to be quickly and easily installed to the drier.

For capillary sizes cut the 3/16 I.D. tube where indicated, then pinch tube down to fit the particular size of capillary.

With XH-11 Desiccant.

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Both of our Universal Driers were designed to fulfill a definite need for the Service Engineer. Both save unnecessary and expensive trips because they provide adaptable sweat connections. Both driers are adequate for systems up through one (1) hp. Especially important, all driers are hermetically sealed to stay fresh indefinitely.